I´m a Swedish artist / painter inspired by the beauty of nature, creative living and a good cup of coffee. Painting is just a way to relax and find pleasure in everyday life. Most of my paintings are made in oil on linen canvas.

I have a cultural science education and several years of art education, but in terms of painting I am mostly self-taught. Exploring different materials and techniques are just so fun!

Through the years I have been working on public decoration and interior design but I prefer free and creative painting on canvas. It´s been a few years ago, but I also took part in exhibitions – both in group and solo.

My paintings are always made with fluid paint and quite distinct brush strokes. This creates a lot of life as brush strokes are affected of the light. In different light, the paintings get completely different expressions.

It can´t always be captured in a photo, but if they are in the right light you can almost get the feeling that they are shimmering.

The story behind

It is strange how some childhood memories just get stuck. As a little girl, we often spent the summers in an old abandoned inn and I could sit for hours watching the meadow through the old window glass. Often with paper and a package of crayons.

There was something about that silence, the mild breeze and muted sound of dry grass straws rubbing against each other. Calmness, tranquility and total harmony. A feeling I constantly strive to recreate in my paintings – and achieve in real life. A state where everything is in balance.

The inn was really not that exclusive. I was told it was dated back to around 1600 and some parts were really old. The house had seen it better days and was leaning heavily in both ends. I apparently learned to crawl down the sloping kitchen floor.

The rounded stone entrance staircase had seen better days and above the front door a swarm of bees decided to build their quarters. The yard’s coat of limestone had shattered and had almost disappeared completely.

But there was something about the house itself that left a mark in my memory and personality. Some kind of sensual inspiration that I often return to. Both in life and in my paintings. Time is forgiving and it is easy to remember things through a beautifying filter.

To be honest, it was often a bit lonely and boring, in the inn. But paradoxically, I think it’s that melancholy that made me creative person. And there I am now. I do not paint on commission, but can eventually offer unique pieces of art work. Always made by heart and hand.

Please contact me for further information – or if you are interested in my art.